American Horror Story Season: Roanoke – Chapter 2

So, did the suspense of last week’s episode keep you on edge? Did you lie awake, night after night, wondering just what was going to become of Shelby? Did she escape? Did they catch her? Worry no more because here’s what happened: She ran. That’s right, she turned around and ran, the coward. She ran and ran, right into an area of the woods where the mob – the same one that surrounded her – was now gathered around a man who they were preparing to burn alive. This man just happens to be the man we know as the pig-man. Anyway, they light the guy on fire and then Shelby is seen and another chase ensues. Shelby manages to run her way out of the woods only to nearly get run over by Lee.

Lee takes Shelby to the hospital where she tells the doctors and cops what she has just witnessed, to which they respond by drug testing her. Matt joins them at the hospital and tells Shelby, “NOW we can leave”. But now it’s Shelby’s turn to be a dumb-dumb and her response is “well even though I can’t explain what I saw and there have been numerous paranormal occurrences around the house, I think it may just be the hillbillies yanking our chain so we’re going to stay”, or she said something like that.

Back to Lee. It’s her weekend with her daughter, Flora, so her ex-husband Mason drops her off. Out of everyone in this bunch Flora-the-kid is the only one who has a look of nope on her face when she sees the house. So Flora and Lee hang out for a bit and while Lee is making her a snack, Flora runs off. Lee searches the house and finds her talking to an invisible girl named Priscilla, and by invisible girl I mean ghost, except Lee doesn’t know that yet. Flora tells Lee that Priscilla said she would make Flora a bonnet if they would help her, and then…. Crash! They locate the cause of the loud noise and Lee discovers a vase has broken and there is an 1800s looking bonnet lying next to it.

Back to Matt and Shelby who are discussing sticking it out in the house until they can sell it, when suddenly they hear something outside. They go investigate because they haven’t been tormented enough and find a pig on a cross and lots of burning meat, or probably human flesh. Once again they call the cops and the responding officer decides to have a patrol unit park in front of their home, primarily to shut them up. Later that night Matt hears the house phone ring and… yes, a house phone. It’s like a cell phone only it’s attached to a cord and it’s not mobile and it has actual buttons. Anyway, he answers it only to find it’s unplugged, and yet he can hear a woman in pain on the other end. He peers around the corner into the dining room and watches as two nurses shoot an elderly woman in the head, then begin to spell something on the wall using spray paint. Surely this is real and not at all paranormal so he runs outside to wake up the officer. The cops investigate and find nothing. NOTHING.

The next day Mason arrives at the house to pick up Flora but Flora has a fun game of hide and seek going and Lee hasn’t found her yet. So Mason and Lee search the house and find Flora in a tiny closet talking to her dead friend Priscilla. What were they talking about? Oh, Flora was just trying to offer Priscilla her doll in exchange for not killing anyone. You know, kid stuff. Unlike the others, Mason has a logical response and him and Flora get the hell out of there. As they leave he tells Lee that Flora is never going back there, which then causes Lee to fall off the wagon.

After putting his wasted sister to bed, Matt heads to the kitchen where Shelby has summoned him. She asks Matt to look out of the window to see if he can see what she sees, which is a little girl standing in their yard. They head outside to talk to her but instead of finding her, they find a cellar.

Meanwhile Lee wakes up from her drunken stupor to find the two nurses standing over her bed, staring at her. She gets up and begins looking for them but instead finds pig extremities on the wall and then sees the pig-man.

While Lee is busy losing her mind, Matt and Shelby are investigating the cellar. They find VHS tapes… yes, VHS tapes. And an old school video camera. They watch one of the tapes and the footage is of a professor named Elias who took residence in the house to write his true crime novel about the two nurses. Here’s the low down on them: the two women (who were also sisters) were nurses at a nursing home where they first began their killing spree. When staff members became suspicious the sisters opened their own nursing home (in the house) but only accepted patients based on the first letter in their name. They would then kill the patients in order of the spelling of their favorite word, MURDER. After murdering a patient they would spray paint the letter of their first name on the wall, BUT they never finished their work. Instead they vanished and after a while the bodies of their victims were eventually found by police, and after some clean up the house was put up for sale. Matt, being satisfied to know he’s not crazy and did not imagine the women, runs to the dining room, tears down the wallpaper and wouldn’t you know it, there is the nurses unfinished masterpiece. They go back to the cellar and finish watching the tape. Elias doesn’t think the sister nurses fled, he thinks something stopped them. And not for the good of mankind like Dexter.

It’s dangerous times at the “farm” house so Lee decides it’s the perfect time to kidnap Flora, which she does. Shelby calls Mason to tell him that they have Flora, then Shelby and Matt get mad at Lee, and then Flora sees her dead friend and follows her. Lee heads to the living room to say good-bye to Flora but since she’s no longer in there Lee just believes she’s playing hide-and-seek, prompting another search. The three of them search the woods and eventually Lee finds evidence that her daughter is somewhere lost in the woods: she sees her sweater hanging from a branch of an incredibly tall tree.

How she saw it up there is beyond me but she did and that’s the end of episode 2. I’m sure it’s going to start picking up in episode 3, I’m sure of it. Please, Christ.

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